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What about your data?
GDPR compliance - Data Insurance mitigates the risk
and impact of Data Loss and evidences intelligent and
rigorous data management.
If you lose data, CDS Data Insurance will return your insured
data to you - or will pay you the value you placed on it.
Your Data is your most valuable asset. Lost data has a
catastrophic, financially damaging impact whether its
stolen, subject to cyber attack or sabotage.
CDS Data Insurance protects the contents of your
Hardware (your data) in the same way that your asset
insurance protects your (easily replaceable) Hardware.

You Insure your Hardware,
Why not your Critical Data?

person losing data

Insure your Data and Relax!

If you lose access to your data you need to survive
while you recover
New GDPR regulations demand responsibly
managed data
Adequate commercial protection against the risk
of lost data has not been possible in the past

Your Data is Valuable

Data is at the Core of your Business

Buy CDS Data Insurance
Cost Effective Data Insurance
is now available in the UK

All about protection

Data is significantly more difficult to replace than hardware if lost or damaged.
Are you covered for the cost of recovering lost data and do you have the skills required?
Can your business survive if:

  • An accidental or malicious employee data deletion occurs?
  • Misconfiguration or human error causes loss of access to critical data?
  • A hacker takes your data hostage and demands a ransom?
  • Advanced malware destroys your data or, someone hits the delete key and no-one notices before the damage is duplicated at your on-line backup?

Data is an asset

Data is a valuable business critical asset
Your Data earns you revenue
Your Data is also exposed to risks:

  • Can you survive without it?
  • Do other people want it?
  • Do other people want to stop you from having access to it?

Effective data management and risk mitigation is required under GDPR regulations – have you done enough?

Get protected

It is easy to mitigate your risks to as low as practicably possible
Get protected today:

  • Identify and value your critical data
  • Assess your data environment
  • Complete the Customer Application Form
  • Transfer the residual risk

Relax in the knowledge that losing access to your data does not mean losing your business, OR Ask your preferred broker to contact CDS to arrange your CDS Data Insurance.

Data Insurance comes with a fully managed data protection service which seeks to recover your lost Data in the first instance or a financial indemnity is paid

Protect your business data and enable recovery from essential Data Loss

60% of all businesses that lose data will shut down within 9 months
80% of all businesses hacked in 2015 resulted in 13% of data being deleted

Full Protection | High Indemnity | Low Premium