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Data Insurance for Business

CDS Data Insurance for business address the risk mitigation needs of Organisations from Educational Instituations to Large Global Enterprise through the deployment of world class data protection and insurance cover – Click here to learn more…

Get Protected and Mitigate the Risk of permanent Data Loss – Apply Today

CDS Data Insurance for the Individual

CDS Data Insurance for the Individual is coming soon!

To register for further information please complete this contact sheet and CDS will advise you as soon as our CDS Data Insurance product for individuals is available…

A brief overview of Data Insurance Application process:


Review the type of data you hold and determine which Data is to be insured, perhaps all or just business critical data?


Complete an easy, intuitive process to determine the value of the data to be insured.


Mitigate against the catastrophic impact of permanent data loss by insuring it in exactly the same way as you insure other assets.