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Data Protection

Only highly skilled data protection partners are certified to deliver services for CDS Data Insurance. Find an Accredited Partner Here.

Data Protection – Tailored to your needs, accredited for Insurance.

CDS data protection partners operate to the highest standards using world leading systems, tools and practices to protect your data once deposited in the Insured Data Environment (IDE).

Our Customers are unique and their critical data varies depending on business type, size, market and risk appetite.  However, our customers have one thing in common… access to business critical data must be 24×365.

If disaster compromises data availability, our customers can relax in the knowledge that CDS’ accredited data protection partner will return your Insured Data or CDS will pay out to the indemnity value for the lost data!

Apply for CDS Data Insurance today and one of our partners will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your unique data protection requirements.

“Insured Data Environments” (IDE)

Your Data is only Insured once it is deposited into one of our IDE’s.

CDS’ IDE’s must satisfy exacting standards of capability. Rigorous assessments evaluate Geography, Penetration, Systems, Software, Safety, Processes, Skills, Resilience and much more.

About our Data Protection Partners

CDS accredit only the leading providers of secure Data Centre backup, storage and manged services. Our partners must be experienced in delivering the highest standards of data protection and related services. Only if a provider meet CDS’ exacting standards of accreditation can they be certified and become a partner in the delivery of CDS Data Insurance to our valued customers.

Achieving accreditation is reserved strictly for those partners who are trusted and have evidenced capability in a range of data protection solutions which are highly secure, automated and which can support your drive for effective, efficient data management.

With CDS Data Insurance partners you are in capable and experienced hands which means we take care of your business critical data so you can relax!


Assess the types of data you hold and determine its criticality.

Insure all of your data via Fast Quote – Insure your categories of business critical data via a Comprehensive Quote.


An easy process to determine the value of your data to be insured.


A unique CDS Data Insurance policy protects your critical data by insuring it in exactly the same way as hardware assets.

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